On the Big Screen 15 -21 April

The Bigger Picture is delighted to present a selection of films from the programme’s first open submission round.

This week you can look forward to Uniform Sheep Appearance or Shear, Martin Hamblen’s hairy disco, an experimental video piece with a sense of humour; Rachel Davies, Gold an energetic UK ‘dance on film’ gem and Steve Hawley’s Speech Marks, a short film shot entirely on a mobile phone, whose stuttering images and lo-fi sounds are reminiscent of Baird’s early TV experiments with the transmission of images through phone-lines in the 1920s.

Also, don’t miss Yu-Chen Wang’s, River Islington, a short abstract film that documents burst water pipes in a way that draws out beauty from life’s failures – what we are offered are astonishing water falls, waves, small streams and mini lakes emerging in between cars, walkways, street corners and lights. Perfect for the setting of Exchange Square!