New Cinemas of the Arab World

Films from the Arab countries are woefully absent from UK screens. The number released over the past 3 years can be counted on one hand, an omission that can be seen as both a cultural and political issue in the current climate. This new initiative from Medscreen aims to redress that imbalance with a selection of films from the Arab countries and territories of the MEDA region (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian Territories, Syria, Tunisia). Medscreen is a programme that endeavors to endorse the Arab film industry of the 8 Arab MEDA countries and is supported by the European Union in the framework of the Euromed audiovisual programme. With thanks to Beirut DC and Europa Cinemas.

For further details please pick up a season leaflet.

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Previously in this season

WWW, What a Wonderful World

Visually playful, WWW, WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD offers a lively look at an unlikely love in Casablanca.

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Palestine Blues

This documentary by a Palestinian-American director “follows the repercussions of the Israeli Security Wall and Settlement expansion in the engulfed/annexed Palestinian farming communities of the…

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In the words of its début feature director, barakat! is 'a women's story that plays in a country wracked by violence'.

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FALAFEL offers a stylish yet nightmarish quest through the nocturnal mean streets of Beirut.

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VHS Kahloucha

This fun and energetic documentary celebrates the exploits of house painter and popular Tunisian amateur filmmaker Moncef Kahloucha

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These Girls

Shown at Cannes 2006 in a special screening, THESE GIRLS is an unusual, very personal documentary about girls surviving on Cairo's streets.

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One Hour Intro: Arab Cinema

Dr Philip Sadgrove will give a personal overview of the story of Arab cinema, ranging from the socially-conscious ‘new’ Arab cinema of the 60s to…

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