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Modern Calligraphy: By Moon And Tide

Join By Moon And Tide’s Claire Gould and learn how to write a gorgeously quirky modern calligraphy script with a dip pen and copperplate nib. From initial scratches and swirls you’ll soon be writing beautiful letters, quotes and flourishes – all in the space of a couple of hours! Calligraphy kits will be available to buy at the end of your workshop if – as I hope – you fall head over heels for calligraphy like I did!

Claire Gould is the owner of By Moon & Tide, a calligraphy studio on the edge of the Lake District. She’s inspired by the world around her and has been writing and selling calligraphy for 15 years.

Writing – as we do it less in our daily lives – is special now. It’s art. Words bring us all pleasure in wonderful little ways. We hunt Instagram for pick-me-up quotes. We listen to songs and fall in love to inspiring lyrics. We escape in the pages of our favourite books. And every now and then, we pin something to our walls to make us smile. By Moon & Tide sells calligraphy gifts for crafty folks… our kits will welcome you to a world of gloriously therapeutic calligraphy writing. Our workshops are fun, informal and a great day out with a friend. Join us if you can – we’d love to help you learn the art of beautiful writing.