This day-long event will be the first public presentation of Professor Andy Miah’s Media Blueprint for London 2012, an independent proposal to create a UK wide Underground Media Zone during the London 2012 Games.

The symposium will bring citizen journalists, artists, cultural producers and media from the Olympic Games of Beijing, Vancouver, London, Sochi and Rio. Discussions will focus on opportunities, strategy and vision, to create a publicly owned new media legacy for the Games and encourage UK independent media networks to discuss prospects within the context of an increasingly Digital Britain.

Sessions will consider the national and regional cultural legacies leading up to London 2012 and consider the intersections of art, science and the media. Speakers include London 2012 Creative Programmers, social media experts Kris Krug, Alexander Zolotarev from Russia, Josi Paz from Brazil, and London 2012 Cultural Olympiad Director Ruth Mackenzie (check the full schedule)

This is a unique opportunity for delegate to discuss what they would like to see reported during Games time and how they will contribute.

The event is co-sponsored by Abandon Normal Devices, the London 2012 Creative Programmers Network and the University of the West of Scotland.

10.15: Opening Session

  • Introduction – Dave Moutrey, CEO, Cornerhouse
  • Ruth Mackenzie, Director, Cultural Olympiad
  • Prof. Andy Miah: Media Blueprint for London 2012
  • Q&A

11.20: Panel Debate: Past, Present & Future Games – Cinema 2

Join this exciting debate about Olympic and Paralympic Games past and present to find out what has been possible to achieve with independent media platforms and what other countries envisage to be possible.

  • Introduction – Prof. Andy Miah
  • Vancouver 2010: Kris Krug
  • Sochi 2014: Alexander Zolotarev
  • Rio 2016: Josi Paz
  • Q&A: Focus on London 2012

13.30 Panel Debate: Journalism, Sport & Culture: Integrated visions?

What do the 2012 Games cultures of sport, cultural expression and media have in common? Is there scope to develop a common vision that promotes a wider contribution to the civic society? This panel will bring together perspectives in sport, art and journalism to discuss what aspirations could surround the reporting of London 2012

  • Paul Newman, director of communications, Peel Media
  • Scott Dougal, Olympics Editor, the Press Association
  • Dr Beatriz García, University of Liverpool, author of The Olympic Games and Cultural Policy (2011).

14:45 Breakout sessions

Group 1

  • Ana Adi – New Media. New Games. Lessons from the Beijing Olympics
  • Jennifer Jones – Social Media and Mega-events: Archiving Vancouver’s Alternative Voices
  • Dave McGillivray – Social Media and the 2010 World Cup
  • John Coster, CitizensEye – Organising 2012 Community Media Reporters

Group 2

  • James O’Malley – Citizen broadcasting for London 2012
  • David Goldblatt – Sports reporting without a press pass – blogging from the 2010 World Cup
  • Gill Ridgley – Archiving the Olympics
  • Kiratiana Freelon – Chicago 2016: The Olympic Bid and Social Media

Plenary session

The day will close with a work-in-progress screening of With Glowing Hearts, a feature film about the social media scene around the Vancouver 2010 Games, and its impact on social justice and the traditional media (and we will talk to the film’s director in Vancouver via Skype).