Masterclass: Yvonne Venegas

This day long masterclass will look in-depth at photographer Yvonne Venegas’ work and also offers a unique chance for participants to show and discuss their work. 

Venegas is one of the American West Coast’s most interesting contemporary photographers. She approaches photography as a method of social observation and self-exploration. Her ongoing project, The Most Beautiful Brides of Baja California, focuses on moments of equivocation when her subjects hesitate between revealing an authentic gesture and adopting a socially acceptable pose. Inherently about class, the images encapsulate the distinct social structure of Tijuana, in relation to Mexico and the USA.

Not only are her images psychologically probing, they are assembled with this tight fitting precision on of master carpentry… This passes the test for great photography: you can’t get it out of your head Globe & Mail (Canada)

Organised by Cornerhouse & Redeye.