Martin Scorsese presents the blues

“The blues are the roots; everything else is the fruits” Willie DixonOriginally commissioned for the non-commercial U.S. Public Broadcasting System (PBS), this series of seven documentaries by seven acclaimed film directors captures the essence of the blues whilst exploring how it came to have worldwide influence. Each director has created a highly personal and impressionistic film that reflects their passion for the music. Including rare archival footage, contemporary interviews and performances and inspired covers, THE BLUES celebrates and preserves the legacy of the artists and their music.For further details of individual films and the series, please see the

Previously in this season

The Road to Memphis

Follow the musical odyssey of Blues legend B.B. King.

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Godfathers and Sons

Explore Chicago Blues with Chuck D, Marshall Chess & Marc Levin.

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The Soul of a Man

Wim Wenders' contribution to the seven part exploration of The Blues.

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Feel Like Going Home

Martin Scorsese's contribution to the seven-part exploration of The Blues.

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Warming by the Devil’s Fire

A fictional representation of the intergenerational battle between gospel and the blues in ‘50s Mississippi.

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Red, White & Blues

Mike Figigs's contribution to Scorsese's The Blues season

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