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Manchester Folk Festival 2019: Manchester Sings Songwriting Workshop

What does Manchester mean to you? As a starting point, this workshop uses the history and stories of Manchester to develop a song, with a series of fun and engaging games to get the creative juices flowing.

What can you expect?

Families should come with their own histories, stories and favourite tales of Manchester and what it means to them, to contribute to the song that’ll be written. Manchester should be in your mind as you’re in the workshop but don’t worry, the workshop leaders will be there to be on hand to help if you need a bit of guidance.

After building the narrative of the song through games and fun exercises, the workshop culminates by bringing it all together with a tune.

With no experience necessary, this songwriting workshop is a chance to create something new, with your memories, stories and family histories at the heart.

This event is part of Manchester Folk Festival – an urban folk festival. It takes place from 15-20 October 2019, in and around HOME and the city centre. Over the autumn weekend, they present an exhilarating range of events, with the spotlight on contemporary and traditional English folk music.