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Look At Me Don’t Look At Me

A RashDash Production

RashDash return to HOME following Don’t Go Back To Sleep: The Lockdown Album.

Rossetti wants you to know why he’s agreed to be here this evening but this is Lizzie’s night and she doesn’t think it matters.

Famous as a model and muse for the Pre-Raphaelite painters, but an artist and poet in her own right, Lizzie Siddal led a ‘tragic life’.

She’s done being tragic.

A cabaret about love, art and legacy. Who really suffers for our great art?

About RashDash

RashDash is Abbi Greenland, Becky Wilkie and Helen Goalen. They are a company of performers, musicians and makers. They work with music, dance and theatre because they believe this can speak to an audience in the richest, delicious, complex way. They make radical, often feminist work, that speaks to the feeling body as well as the thinking brain.