London Australian Film Festival on Tour 2008

The London Australian Film Festival, now in its 14th year at the Barbican, is an annual showcase of the latest Australian features, documentaries and shorts. Since March 1994, every major Australian feature film has been screened at the festival! This year is no exception and it goes on tour with a selection of the most popular films from the festival.

The UK Touring Australian Film Festival is presented with the assistance of the Australian Film Commission. A Barbican Film programme co-ordinated by the ICO. *Please note certificates are recommendations only

Previously in this Festival


A young cop becomes increasingly isolated from his girlfriend and normal life as he attempts to solve a grusome murder.

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All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane

A witty and charming romantic comedy. Anthea feels trapped and unhappy with her life in Brisbane and sees no point in staying.

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The story of two 15 year old boys growing up in a racially segregated society in Australia as they struggle to hold their friendship together.

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Global Heywire

Oscar-winning cartoonist Petty’s anarchic trademark animation perfectly addresses the complexities of a world in meltdown.

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