Ana Valbuena from the Instituto Cervantes Manchester presents our bespoke study session for adult Spanish language learners and film fans. Following an introduction in accessible Spanish, and a full screening of Los Buenos modales with English subtitles, attendees can practise their Spanish language skills using a specially designed study pack. Topics to be discussed include: women on screen, nostalgia, family, female relationships and forgiveness. 

Conversational Spanish recommended. 


Film details:

Los Buenos modales (PG) (Good Manners) 

Dir Marta Díaz de Lope Díaz/ES 2023/90 mins

Elena Irureta, Gloria Muñoz, Carmen Flores Sandoval, Pepa Aniorte

A thoroughly enjoyable comedy about two feuding sisters in Andalusia, and the clumsy, suburban, fairy godmother types who try to reunite them. Manuela and Rosario are two sisters who, after decades of not speaking to one another over a family secret, meet unexpectedly at the birthday party of one of the grandchildren. The children have inadvertently become friends thanks to their child minders, Trini and Milagros, bosom buddies and lifelong neighbours. Trini and Milagros make a fantastic comedy duo as they attempt to unravel the intrigue at the heart of the family rift, and the whole film is a joy to watch as the cast of witty women competitively bake and clean, or sometimes just smoke and eat… 

3 hours