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Jungle Fever Post-screening Discussion

This screening includes a post-screening discussion with We Are Parable co-founder, Anthony Andrews, and founder of The British Blacklist, Akua Gyamfi.

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Widely regarded as some Spike Lee’s best work, Jungle Fever tells the story of Flipper Purify, a successful architect who, on the surface of things, looks like he has it all. Until, he sleeps with his white co-worker, Angie, which leads to the beginning of a tumultuous relationship.

With a wonderfully nuanced performance by Wesley Snipes in the lead role; a supporting role by Lee; the then rising star Samuel L Jackson; and an unforgettable soundtrack by Stevie Wonder, Jungle Fever remains a film that lives long in the memory and provides hours of debate.

Part of the Spike is 60 celebrations

This project is supported by Film Hub North West Central, proud to be a member of the BFI Film Audience Network.