Josh Jarvis Awards

We will be screening the two winners of the 2016 Josh Jarvis Award before some of the features this Autumn. The Josh Jarvis Award for Best Cinematography recognises creative and innovative filmmaking achieved through cinematography by graduating students from the BA (Hons) Filmmaking course at Manchester School of Art. The award was established in memory of Josh Jarvis who would have graduated from the course in 2015.

Jason Wood presented the award saying: “It is commonplace to praise the entire field during any awards decision but as with last year when judging the Josh Jarvis Award for Best Cinematography I was very genuinely impressed with all of the nominees. There is a very strong sense that we are looking at the work of people with very promising careers ahead of them. In the end I wasn’t able to choose between two films, despite my best efforts, and so this year my choice for the Josh Jarvis Award is shared between Rainbow and The Orange Tree. Both films had an incredible sense of texture and both also had a real eye for landscape and an understanding of the art and technique of cinematography. Moreover, both films brilliantly dealt with prescient subjects and were unafraid to explore new ways of communicating issues and emotions.”

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