John Walter: CAPSID Film Season

Our exhibition John Walter: CAPSID uses the model of HIV to explore how ideas pass from one source to another, creating a striking depiction of viral replication. The accompanying film season draws upon rude humour, new wave, icky-goo-taboo and offbeat flair.

Curated by Bren O’Callaghan.

Previously in this season

Double Bill/ Beryl Cook: Bosom Pals + A Day in the Life of Beryl Cook

Artist Beryl Cook’s deadpan approach to painting her subjects reveals the humour and pathos of the extraordinary; the pictorial equivalent of Les Dawson’s bawdy mimicry.

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The Wonderful World of Cousin Wonderlette

Cousin Wonderlette is the innocent yet outrageous alter-ego of San Francisco filmmaker Brian Benson, successor to such underground royalty as John Waters, the Kuchar Brothers…

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Zero Patience

This 1993 musical is a jawdropping oddity, debunking the alleged introduction of HIV into the USA by a single individual.

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