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JMK Director’s Group

An ongoing series of workshop, development opportunities, peer to peer networking, knowledge sharing and residencies to provide young and emerging theatre directors with skills development, guidance and development opportunities.

Each year, we run two intensive residencies which offer intensive skills-based training to members of the group, with up to 15 places available per residency. Each residency focuses on a different area of practice from working with actors, to exploring the relationship with your designer or collaborating with a sound designer.

All activities are free to attend, you just need to join the JMK Directors’ Group by emailing your contact details and a short biography to jennie.mccusker@homemcr.org

The JMK Trust also offers a regional assistant director bursary, funded by The Leverhulme Trust, which enables one member of each group per year to assist on a production at their local venue. Previous bursaries include Yusra Warsama assisting Walter Meierjohann’s 2014 production of Romeo and Juliet , Michael White assisting ANU Productions with On Corporation Street in 2016 and Piers Black Hawkins assisting on 59 Productions City of Glass in 2017.

The JMK Trust was founded in memory of director James Menzies-Kitchin. Each year, the JMK Trust provides talented young and emerging theatre directors with awards, guidance and development opportunities.


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