JMK Director’s Group Re-launch

HOME and the JMK are working together to support a community for Manchester-based directors! This will offer a place for theatre-makers to come and learn new skills, develop their practice, see shows, and meet other creatives. Over the next year we will be inviting industry professionals to deliver a variety of one-off workshops, along with a weekend residency, all aimed at helping you to improve your craft and try out new ideas.

For the group’s relaunch, you’re invited to join new JMK Director Practitioner, Piers Black. The first session will be about getting to know each other, finding creative ways to get projects off the ground, and responding to Manchester and its theatrical landscape. There will also be a chance to learn about the opportunities coming up over the next year.

Whatever your experience, we’d love you to come along and help us to start the conversation about the next step for directors with HOME and the JMK.

A note from Piers: ‘Living in Manchester for the last ten years, I’m really excited to think about the potential a group like this has to be a hub for directors and theatre-makers in the city. Directing doesn’t have to be a lonely career, it’s much more fun when we come together and share our ideas! This first session is about finding out what you want from that community.’

This event is free but you must be signed up to the JMK network to attend.

If you are not signed up to the network already, book your place and we will get in touch to sign you up. Or email to get added to the JMK network list.

This event is 18+