Workshop: Jamie Wood – Effortlessly Funny

We try very hard all the time not to appear idiotic, but what would happen if we stopped trying? Jamie Wood explores his definition of the word ‘clown’ leading participants through a series of exercises and provocations connecting body, voice and imagination with the presence of an audience and explore what that relationship can create if listened to.

Jamie Wood is a performer, director and teacher renowned for creating striking and accessible theatre. Following the success of Beating McEnroe he presented his new show O No! at 2015’s Edinburgh, employing his signature blend of clowning,comedy, fandom and emotional terrorism. It became one of the most talked about shows of the festival and received a sell out run, as well as Jamie’s sixth Total Theatre nomination for most innovative performance.

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  • £15 (workshop only)
  • £23 (includes a ticket to see Jamie Wood’s O No!)
  • To apply for a place, please email with contact details, a little bit about yourself and a short statement about why you would like to participate.