Italian Film Festival on Tour 2009

Cornerhouse is pleased to present highlights from the 16th Italian Film Festival. With new works by some of Italy’s most famous directors and featuring incredible performances all-round, this year’s selection offers an exciting array of titles for seasoned fans or those new to the delights of Italian filmmaking.

Previously in this Festival

Her Whole Life Ahead

A sharp, witty satire that follows Marta, a brilliant philosophy graduate who can't manage to secure work in her chosen field and so joins an…

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One Hundred Nails

A young professor of theology who is experiencing a crisis of conscience begins a quest to rebuild his core values amid the glorious, sensual beauty…

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Mid-August Lunch

Gianni, in his 60s but still living with his mother, finds himself one evening coerced into taking care of several elderly ladies in this charming,…

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