Introduction to THE 11TH HOUR

This screening will be introduced by Simon Robinson, Programme Manager for Manchester Is My Planet introduces this screening of THE 11TH HOUR.

Manchester is my Planet works in partnership with Local Authorities, universities, businesses and individuals towards a low carbon future for our region, through the pledge campaign, encouraging individuals to reduce their carbon footprint, and a number of innovative green energy projects.

Simon Robinson has been a supporter of Manchester is my Planet Climate Change initiative since its inception in 2005. In January 2008 Simon joined Manchester Knowledge capital as Progarmme Manager for Manchester is my Planet, where he is utilising his experince from a 15-year career spanning countryside management, environmental policy development, TV production, residential social work and lettuce trimming. He is a co-author of European Travel Planning guidance which he makes use of on a daily basis in his commute to Manchester from Huddersfield.