Introduction: Palindromes

12-year-old Aviva wants to be a mother and does everything she can to make her dream come true, but her sensible parents prevent its realisation with a trip to the abortion clinic. An often disturbing film about identity, growth and the possibility of change. “Like the grimmest of fairy tales, PALINDROMES is a comic grotesque. Shorn of her innocence, a girl leaves home an exile and loses her way in a world where adult treacheries abound and protector becomes predator. The rites of passage explored in WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE and STORYTELLING are further complicated in PALINDROMES by the girl’s magical, almost chameleonic transformations from white to black, fat to thin, young to middle-aged, even girl to boy (she is brilliantly played by eight actors).” Museum of Modern Art, NY – film programme notesThis screening will be introduced by Kirsty Fairclough, lecturer in Media and Performance at The University of Salford.