International Conference: Italian Cinema – New Directions

Italian cinema is currently undergoing a transitional phase in its evolution, a period in which the releases of acclaimed directors such as Antonioni and Bertolucci have become increasingly sporadic, but a period in which a new generation of actors and directors have started to establish themselves. With La stanza del figlio (The Son’s Room), Nanni Moretti has recently gained international recognition, while other writer/directors, such as Giuseppe Tornatore and Francesca Archibugi, have also consolidated their reputations as innovative artists.Sponsored by Manchester’s Dante Alighieri Society, The University of Salford’s European Studies Research Institute and Cornerhouse, this international conference will provide a forum to discuss some of the most recent trends in Italian cinema, and the ways in which these relate to Italy’s rich cinematic heritage. Each session will include three speakers – subject to confirmation – and will feature clips from the films discussed. There will also be an opportunity for questions at the end of each session.Sessions: 1.05 – 2.25pm The New Auteurs (Moretti, Martone and Gaudini)2.40 – 3.55pm Representations of the Female4.30 – 5.50pm From the MarginsTickets: £12.00 full / £9.00 concsIndividual Panels: £5.00 full / £4.00 concs