INSET: Using Film in the Classroom for teachers of ARABIC, MANDARIN, ITALIAN and URDU

Recommended for: Teachers of GCSE and AS/ A2 ARABIC, MANDARIN, ITALIAN and URDU

Capacity: 16 places, free

Cornerhouse, Manchester will organise two INSET days for teachers of Arabic, Mandarin, Italian and Urdu wanting to learn about using film to teach languages. Learning a language through film can be a fun, stimulating and engaging experience for your students. This INSET aims to provide teachers with the necessary tools, resources and knowledge to read, explore and interpret film, as well as offering practical suggestions for language activities and exercises to be applied in the classroom.

Carmen Herrero will provide a brief overview on why teachers should use film and the positive impact it has on language learning. Practical breakout sessions will enable teachers to analyse a scene from a film in their specialist language. With the aid of a ‘how to read a film’ guide, teachers will also explore different filmic approaches, learn about models for using film in the language classroom, in addition to creating workable activities to be used to further enhance the learning of languages.

Location: This event is taking place at Manchester Metropolitan University, in the following location: John Dalton Building, 4th floor, Lecture Room E419.