I Am A Work of Art: Self Love Portrait Painting Workshop with Artist Linda Wachaga

I am a work of art: Self Love Portrait Painting Workshop

This workshop is intended to be a creative wellbeing space for women from the global majority, inviting all women, including trans women and welcomes non-binary people.

“Galleries don’t really display artwork of people who look like me”. This is a self-portrait painting workshop for participants to see themselves as works of art, worthy of public display. Using mirrors/photographs, participants are invited to paint themselves through their own eyes, celebrating their identity, encouraging self-compassion, and expressing their version of joy!

Participants will be invited to identify and paint their favourite facial features, perhaps those they may have insecurities with, as well as recognising their non-visible characteristics such as personalities, heritage and personal stories that could be conveyed in their portraits.

All materials will be provided.

The medium will be acrylic paint; however, participants are also welcome to bring their own. As well as any photographs of themselves.

Background music will be played, and participants will be encouraged to interact and support one another during the session.

1 hour

This event is free or Pay What You Can.