Hollywood of the North

Roll up! Roll up for the Magical History Tour – Let Cornerhouse’s coach of delights take you down Memory Lane to discover the people and places that went into the creation of the Hollywood of the North. Down Oxford Road (the Boulevard of Dreams) towards Withington (home to so many superstars it should be renamed Beverly Hills), taking in the Mancunian Film Studios (where our tired trippers can stop for a Welcome drink in a discreet hostelry once frequented by the Beatles, Frank Randle and Ken Dodd!). See the homes of the stars and the sights of the films. Over the last few years Manchester has undergone a film renaissance – join in and find out what it was like the first time round. Complete with a screening of the gritty, Manc film noir HELL IS A CITY which culminates in a shoot-out on top of the Palace Hotel, opposite Cornerhouse. Hosted by musician, writer and lecturer, Dr C P Lee Tickets: £7.00 full / £5.00 concs