Guest Network / Future Artist Live

This month, Cornerhouse Guest Network is Future Artists Live, a creative co-op that fully embraces the notion of convergence culture (the coming together of film, music, art, performance via digital/social media) and the power of social networks.

This evening will be an introduction to this school of thought, a chance to meet the creative co-op and some of its members, see for yourselves the power of a co-operative network and meet like minded people.

This event is free but ticketed. Click here to book your place.

  • Who? What? Where? How? Why?

Mark Ashmore (Future Artists) and Jeff Thompson (Unconvention, Fat Northerner record label) who will introduce you to the creative co-op.

  • Tech talk: Paul Stacy

Paul is one of the co-founders of a social ticketing network, that allows your social network to become ticket reps, create a box office and handle all the admin associated with creating an event. A year old Or is it supposed to be a pun:) and already the talk of the town, based in Manchester.

  • Music: Jimmy Docherty

Jimmy is Creative Director of The Northern Song Collective, which provides a platform for fledgling and innovative songwriters, artists and composers. The team behind the Collective have the entrepreneurial skills, experience, knowledge and contacts to ensure an audience of those ‘in the know’. They have the ability to source advice and information from the upper echelons of the industry in spades.

  • Performance: Darren R L Gordon

Darren is an Acting coach, Film & Theatre Director and Channel 4 4talent mentor. Darren launched his company in 2005 with a manifesto to create a resource that would service the performance needs of Manchester and the Greater North West. Now through a network of associates, his company has become a market leader in providing expertise and skills relevant to the demands of this extremely competitive industry.

  • Publishing: Jane Mcconnell – Print is dead

Jane graduated last year from MMU, came to Future Artists Ltd for work experience and ended up challenging the accepted notion of what a digital magazine can be. Jane is editor of M+ magazine and a journalist on websites such as girl about town and speechmarks. Her unique style and future artists attitude is fast making her a leading light in digital publishing.