Summer Solstice Global Rave (Blanchard De Plaizir & Jomo)

How better to close Horizons Festival than with a Summer Solstice Global Rave – and everyone is invited! From Democratic Republic of Congo to Iran, we bring you Techno Soukouss and global beats as we transform Theatre 2 into a 2 hour night club for the world!

As the sun sets on the festival, we will be delivering some high-octane sonics to celebrate together. Guaranteed to make you move are Blanchard de Plaizir and DJ Jomo, both are making their HOME debut. Blanchard de Plaizir brings Soukouss, a unique dance form from the Democratic Republic of Congo, fusing African and Latin rhythms. Soukouss has long been popular on the African continent in its traditional form, which was introduced to Europe back in the 1980s by the likes of Kanda Bongo Man, Papa Wemba and Awilo Longomba. In his new offering, Blanchard de Plaizir slams the genre right up to date, throwing his own brand of African Salsa and Zouk into the mix.

While will be delivering a set that will take you all around the world to set your heart racing. Move your body with the world, and still make the last bus home.

Expand your horizons, come together and dance!

  • £5 full