First Street Festival: SM Music MGMT Friday

SM Music MGMT are a partner for First Street Festival and will be programming the artists you’ll see 17 – 19 June.


Friday 17 June Schedule:

17.00 – Tobija Wilson (DJ)

18.00 – SOVRANO

18.15 – Izzy Cambell

18.30 – JZH

18.45 – Danny H

19.00 – Martha Pryer

19.15 – Tobija Wilson (DJ)

19.30 – meimei

20.00 Tobija Wilson

20.30 – NoSpace


SM Music MGMT is bringing together a range of artists to represent the music diversity of Manchester. The weekend is filled with singers, rappers, DJs and musicians performing from Pop, RnB, Funk, Rap, Instrumental to Bollywood, Bhangra, Urban Desi, Afrobeat and much more! Curated with the aim to bring something unique and exhilarating to First Street with performances from both established and emerging musicians. SM Music MGMT is a management company that works with musicians from underrepresented communities and represents them internationally.

For more information follow @sammaliksocial on Twitter.

Free Entry