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Finnish Video Shorts: Programme 2: Surreal Q&A

This event includes a post-screening Q&A with Darja Zaitsev, Curator, Finnish Art Agency and artists Dave Berg and Mikko Keskiivari.

Film details

Selected from the best in current and recent artist practice across Finland for our drill-down national focus upon a land of light, shadow and waking dream, the Finnish Art Agency present a programme of shorts that explore surreal-realities, bizarre leaps and unexpected juxtapositions.


Dave Berg
Barbieworld experience, 2014
HD Video
3 min 30 sec

A dense, nightly atmosphere fills an interior resembling a castle. Chairs fly in whirlwinds, unexpected and dreamlike events take place in a helter skelter barbieworld. The journey begins towards something unexpected.

Whatever, 2012
HD Video
11 min 53 sec

WOMAN 1: “I’ve always wanted, if… when I have children… at least one of them would be gay.”

Mikko Keskiivari
Rook, 2016
Single channel, HD Video
9 min 1 sec

In a small village in the Finnish countryside there is a TV tower that resonates in the wind, in three different frequencies. This landmark plays a central role in a short documentary video work exploring ideas of scale, distance and perception through a dialogue between two different perspectives in two different times, connected through the physical space and the family relation of the main characters. Rook is a work in progress.

Mikko Keskiivari & Diana Luganski
Quiet Feast, 2015
Video and Photography
5 min 25 sec

The work seeks the uncanny in an everyday situation. It transfers something familiar into an exchange between the magical and morbid, asking when does a habit turn into a ritual or obsession?

Blind Spot, 2016
HD video
7 min 33 sec

A constellation of home videos and 3D-gestures can be thought as tools for appreciating strangeness.

“Home is the strangest place. It is strange in its very homeliness, as Freud observed. Indeed, here is strange in itself.”

– Timothy Morton, Ecology without Nature (2007), p. 177

Anssi Kasitonni
Wapiti, 2014
2 min 29 sec

An educational reenactment about the life of a deviant wapiti.

Planet of Sexes, 2012
8mm transferred to digital
10 min 35 sec

A surprising love awaits a lonely US Air Force pilot upon a planet of female warriors, castration robots and lizard creatures.