Filmed Up – September 2012 (18)

From grass roots guerrilla filmmakers to start up production companies, the film community is thriving in the North West. Join us for an evening screening in The Annexe where you can discover the wonders that are being produced on your doorstep. The entire programme is selected by a panel of Cornerhouse audience members.


Alarming Times
Dir Chris Daniels/GB/1 min
A sixty second call to action from the minor miner bird.

Dir Mark Eden/GB/6 mins
Experimental  documentary on the filmmaker’s Granddad’s ‘cabinet of curiosities’.

Don’t Go Any Nearer
Dir David N. Pilling/GB/3 mins
An experimental road movie-music video.

Editor Wanted
Dir Tom Blackham/GB/2 mins
An editor, working alone late one night, discovers a mysterious tape.

George’s Day
Dir David Whitney/GB/13 mins
Drama, the relationship between father and son are never easy, no matter how old you are.

Dir Gary Dumbill/GB/7 mins
A short film about the power of books.

No Promises
Dir Steven Hutchinson/GB/18 mins
A young husband’s gambling addiction put his family in danger.

Dir Tom Mathieson/GB/2 mins
Animation. A bear and a kid meet at the same spot every night to stargaze together. Will the kid manage to finally scare the bear?

The Uncertain Existence
Dir Veronica Ibarra/GB/19 mins
Drama. In a desolate city Nadia photographs. She drifts, she fractures.