Filmed Up Sep 2023 (15)

HOME's quarterly showcase of short films made by writer, director or producers currently based in the North West.

From grassroots guerrilla filmmakers to production companies, the film community is thriving in the North West. Join us for an evening screening where you’ll discover a selection of short films that are being produced right here on your doorstep and chat to the filmmakers in the bar afterwards.

The entire programme is selected by a panel of audience members from open submissions.

Programme (In alphabetical order of titles)

  • Bang Idle

Director Christopher Deakin/ 2023/ UK/ 10:55
Charlie, an apathetic man who never takes action is brutally dumped by his girlfriend. When he spots a woman in need of help he is forced to put himself in danger to actually stand up for something.

  • Butter Fingers

Director Jack Hartley/ 2023/ England/ 03:31
Sometimes, you have to become the teacake.

  • Cost of Living

Director Sam Cheal/ 2023/ United Kingdom/ 03:00
The cost of living is rising. An elderly woman needs to find a solution to pay her bills.

  • Pink Noise

Director Emmy Kay/ 2023/ UK/ 01:53
A musician’s life long and complicated relationship with sound interferes with his ability to finish a song.

  • Refuge

Director Jack Hartley/ 2021/ England/ 11:54
A day in the life of a support worker at a women’s refuge who helps victims of domestic abuse.

  • Spiritbound

Director Sam Jake Boyes/ 2023-06-08/ United Kingdom/ 06:57
A Reverse-A-Curse employee tries to close the shop early to make it in time for his date, but one last demon-related job gets in the way.

  • Squab

Director Olivia Timms/ 2023/ United Kingdom/ 03:18
In our near future, an army of robotic pigeons is used to dispose of the overwhelming litter in the streets. Squab, one of the last remaining non-robot pigeons, falls in love with one of its mechanised counterpart.

  • The Visit

Director Jake Murray/ 2023/ United Kingdom/ 19:57
A fictional story based around the 1996  Manchester IRA bombing. 25 years later, Tommy, one of the man responsible for the attack, returns to Manchester for the first time since that fateful day.

  • Unreliable Narrator

Director Xavier Moras Spencer/ 2023/ England/ 12:22
Andy is just an average man living an average life. He loves nothing more than coffee and toast in the morning with his best friend Elaine. But what if Andy listened closer to what is around him?

  • Youth of the Rural North

Director Juliet Klottrup/ 2021/ UK/ 16:00
An on going project capturing portraits and voices of young people living in rural communities in the Yorkshire Dales and Cumbria.


Some of the films contain:

  • References to self harm and domestic violence
  • Reference to terrorist attacks
  • Depiction of drug selling

If you need more detailed information and timings relating to the trigger warnings, please don’t hesitate to contact


2 hours

Want to submit your film to Filmed Up?
Submission is free and we accept short films under 20 minutes in duration, of any genre, old or new made by filmmakers (director, producer or writer) based in the North West.

Deadlines for submissions:

Thu 29 Jun 2023 for the Sep 2023 screening

Thu 28 Sep for the Dec 2023 screening

Find out more and submit your film on our Filmed Up Submission Page