Filmed Up Sep 2013 (15)

Join us for our regular evening screening in The Annexe where you can discover the great short films that are being produced in the North West.

The entire programme is selected by a panel of Cornerhouse audience members and you will get to vote for your favourite on the evening


Cold Desert
Dir Mark Duggan/GB/ 2 mins
A man wanders across a vast landscape and slowly begins to search for something dear to him.

Dir Kate Lloyd/GB/8 mins
A short sci-fi film which concerns Sarah whose job gives her a difficult task of helping others.

Dir Rupert Hill/GB/14 mins
Jay and Peter are two wannabe gangsters desperately trying to figure out how to make some money.

Pie Money
Dir Andy Salamonczyk/GB/17 mins
Grieving widower and pie factory worker, Denis, is torn between bereavement and his late wife’s lottery win.

The Director
Dir Will Herbert/GB/11 mins
Kevin and Emma are starring in a new kitchen sink drama together and it’s the first day of rehearsals with ‘The Director’.

The Little Spermaid

Dir Pascal Little/GB/12 mins
A nature documentary narrated by a mad French marine biologist, examining the habits and eventual fate of a very depressing mermaid.

The Loudest Minds

Dir John Grey/GB/15 mins
Pippa is a quiet, lonely girl who mostly keeps to herself. The arrival of a new imaginary friend – Mr. Fizz – could be just what she needs, but she isn’t exactly what he had in mind…

The Rescue

Dir Sam Taylor/GB/3 mins
When an eccentric Knight stumbles upon a letter in a bottle from a fair maiden trapped in a castle, he jumps at the chance to prove himself and embarks on an epic journey.

The Synth Collector

Dir Hilary Easter-Jones/GB/3 mins
A documentary following an obsessive synth collector who stores them all in his attic.

Ups and Downs

Dir Stuart Fryer/GB/9 mins
After a teenage house party goes too far, a bullied boy with Down’s Syndrome is forced to take the reins and look after the bully: his brother.

We Happy Few

Dir Geof Wolfenden/GB/4 mins
A new twist on the classic call to arms speech from William Shakespeare’s Henry V