Filmed Up March 2014 (15)


From grassroots guerrilla filmmakers to start-up production companies, the film community is thriving in the North West. Join us for an evening screening in our Annexe where you’ll discover a selection of short films that are being produced right here on your doorstep.

The entire programme is selected by a panel of Cornerhouse audience members.


Bones Shake: Fly the Flag
Dirs Sam Derby Cooper/GB/4 mins
A female busker is enticed into a music shop in the woods, unaware that it’s facade is just a disguise for a human abattoir.

Cwm Elan
Dirs James Beattie and Toby Hay/GB/11 mins
A portrait of a place by two non-award winning filmmakers.

Dir Will Herbert/GB/2 mins
Dave is always coming over, and it’s starting to annoy Emma. But today is different as Dave has a proposition for her.

Dir Lewis Metcalfe/GB/11 mins
Exploring the darker side of human nature where people are pushed to do the unthinkable.

Kardiogramm: Your Love is Fading
Dir Daniel Daley/GB/4 mins
Exploring the darkness of inner and outer space, illustrating the stages of a heart attack from beginning to death. This film contains flashing imagery.

Last Words
Dir Antony Barkworth-Knight/GB/3 mins
The story of a young woman remembering the last time she saw her father as a child and the last words he left for her.

Dir Josh Allott/GB/20 mins
Ruby is a fruit and veg vendor who’s learnt the ways of the world through YouTube tutorials. When she falls for online DJ Vinyl Lionel she has to shut her laptop and go meet him for real.

Dir Liam Johnson/GB/15 mins
A gifted engineer’s life is shattered with the unexpected death of his father. With no family to speak of, he is left with nothing but grief as his mind begins to formulate a plan.

The Rhythm, The City, 7pm
Dir Tom Chimiak/GB/3 mins
When, at 7pm, the Manchester School of Samba practice…the city feels the rhythm.

The Royalty
Dir Michael Nixon/GB/7 mins
A short film highlighting the importance of independent cinemas focusing on The Royalty cinema in Bowness-On-Windermere.

Top of the Range
Dir Paul Bassingthwaight/GB/13 mins
Two homeless men find a top of the range cooker and try and sell it.