Filmed Up – March 2013 (15)

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From grassroots guerrilla filmmakers to start-up production companies, the film community is thriving in the North West. Join us for an evening screening in our Annexe where you’ll discover a selection of short films that are being produced right here on your doorstep.

All the films are selected by a panel of Cornerhouse audience members and you will get to vote for your favorite on the evening.


Dir Jack Bottomley/GB/8 mins
Burnside is a drama that focuses on a young couple and their blossoming relationship which starts to collapse under the stress of Lucy’s abusive father. 

Eluding Dystopia
Dir Lee Anthony Reilly/GB/15 mins
Set in a post-apocalyptic world where two men of a scarce population survive in their own unique ways.

Guy’s Guide To Zombies
Dir Matthew Austin/GB/3 mins
The definitive A to Z guide to living with the dead! Guy’s Guide is a parody of 1950’s public safety films which quietly pokes fun at the current international climate of irrational fear.

Dir Will Herbert/GB/7 mins
The story of a man’s epic quest to return all the stuff his soon to be ex-girlfriend has left at his house.

Dir Daniel Daley/GB/5 mins

Dir Tamzin Forster/GB/4 mins
A paper-cut animation video for the song ‘Luis’ by Liz Green.

Dir Jason Wingard/GB/3 mins
A documentary about what Mondays means to the Mancunian public.

Dir Gary Dumbill/GB/5 mins
A troubled young girl runs away from home, to find that life may not be what it seems.

Dir Flora Martyr/GB/3 mins
An experimental film depicting a recovery period in hospital, using colour as a visual diary.

Dir Richard Brown/GB/7 mins
A look at father / son support and the realease of old age and death.

Say To Me
Dir Amy Watson/GB/4 mins
A music Video for local band PINS. The film is a comment on the contradictions and complexities of female friendship. (Warning this film contains flashing imagery).

Shelter: a look at Manchester’s homeless
Dir Mike Staniforth/GB/12 mins
A documentary focusing on the homeless people of Manchester.

Dir Graeme Arnfield/GB/6 mins
An existential road movie about stasis and the inability to escape one’s past.

Symmetry Day
Dir James Starkie/GB/11 mins
Following an accident a man starts to age backwards, forgetting everything and everyone in his life one day at a time.

Titus Andronicus Monologue
Dir Adam Jacob Burgess/GB/3 mins
Taken from (arguably) Shakespeare’s bloodiest play, Titus Andronicus Monologue is a gripping speech delivered by a man fuelled by vengeance.