Filmed Up March 20 (15)

From grassroots guerrilla filmmakers to production companies, the film community is thriving in the North West. Join us for an evening screening where you’ll discover a selection of short films that are being produced right here on your doorstep.

The entire programme is selected by a panel of audience members from open submissions.

Want to submit your film for future Filmed Up? Submission is free and we accept short films under 20 minutes in duration, of any genre, old or new made by filmmakers (director, producer or writer) based in the North West. Find out more and submit your film on our Filmed Up Submission Page

Programme (in alphabetical order of titles)

  • A Festive Dame’s Tale / Jemma O’Brien & Natalie Meziani / GB / 07:17
    We visit terminally ill Dame Gracy this Christmas as he brings new perspectives on subjects that many of us struggle to explore, with his endlessly charismatic life chronicles.
  • Before a Pack of Wild Dogs Eat My Face / Naqqash Khalid / GB / 06:59
    An intimate portrait of a man affected by grief unravelling emotionally and psychologically.
  • Bernard / Paul Flannery / GB / 03:29
    Bernard is annoyed and flabbergasted at being called the black sheep of the family for nothing more than his lifestyle choices and drinking habits. Not happy with being labelled a boozer and a liability he is seizing this moment to unload his outrage on anyone who will listen, if it takes him all day.
  • For Rosie / Sam Birch / GB / 17:06
    It’s been a while since Rosie’s death, and George still hasn’t found a headstone that’s right for her. With help from his reluctant best friend Brian, George goes on a quest to get the only thing that he believes will work..
  • How does it make you feel? / Jasmine Calland / GB / 03:20
    An exploratory dance film that incorporates answers from an anonymous survey while the artist experiments with lighting, location, analogfilm and digital video manipulation.
  • Kitty Crag: A Craftsman’s Tale / Madison Juby, Tim Smith, Ryan Hodgkins, Tom Weaver , Joel Todd & Holly Freisner / GB / 03:00
    Following a day in the life of an ageing craftsman living in the hills of the Lake District, we learn what it’s like to possess unbridled passion and how to find it.
  • My God, I’m Queer / Matt Mahmood-Ogston / GB / 13:34
    Can you be Muslim and gay? A bereaved fiancé goes on a deeply personal journey to prevent the tragedy from ever happening again.
  • Out on a Limb / James Dann / GB / 10:00
    Out on a Limb follows Geoff, Dan and Isaac, three wheelchair users who embark on a mission to conquer the Swiss Alps and prove that having a disability won’t tame their sense of adventure.
  • Over There In The Balkans / Sofia Marincic / GB / 05:11
    A documentary following the migration of the filmmaker’s Serb/Croat family due to the Yugoslav war in 1991 and how conflict of identity has affected them. Made completely of VHS home videos.
  • Reclaiming The Negative / Mike Beech / GB / 12:32
    Since the end of the Korean War in 1953, roughly 31,000 North Koreans have defected from their home country to South Korea. In 2018, photographer Tim Franco began shooting a series of large format portraits using an unusual technique for a book detailing some of their experiences.
  • Rising / Henry Haigh / GB / 04:00
    A short documentary about the Rising Cafe in Lincoln which supports people struggling with addiction and people who are homeless.