Filmed Up June 2014 (15)

Discover the great range of short films being produced by our region’s filmmakers at Filmed Up, our regular short film night. Expect an eclectic mix of genres and styles in the programme, which has been selected by the toughest critics of all – a panel of Cornerhouse audience members!



Dir Andrew Morgan/GB/7 mins
A character study of Dave Jones, a cockney man living out his retirement in the Welsh hills. Exploring his character through imagery and memories.

Dir Mike Staniforth/GB/3 mins
Alone in a dressing room, a precocious young magician battles self-confidence, anxiety and forgetfulness, moments before he debuts his magic show for his family, class-mates and the entire school.

Dir Alex Mannion-Jones/GB & MX/16 mins
A short film following the arrival of Gabriel, a recent deportee from the US, to the city of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

In the Frame – Little Chamonix
Dir Dom Bush/GB/10 mins
In March 2011 Joe, an experienced climber, mountain biker and skydiver fell 40 metres from a rock face in the Lake District. His injuries were severe  but his determination kept him alive and he began a very long recovery.

Dir Drew Lovett/GB/11 mins
Sarah can’t sleep. The nightmares of the last twelve months have bled through into her days and the only way she can stop existing and start living again is by confronting her past in the present.

Knocking On
Dir Ed Jones/GB/6 mins
A woman emerges from nowhere, knocks on everywhere and fails to get anywhere until the one door still open to her opens.

Self Initiated: Daren Newman
Dir Matt Smith/GB/5 mins
A short documentary on Daren Newman covering his history, inspirations and process as an artist.

The Day She Danced for Survival
Dir Sois de Traca/GB/1 min
When music carries you away.

Top Joe
Dir Chris Jenkins/GB/6 mins
Top Joe shares his thoughts on his late, great father. This is his first film since not leaving the house.