Filmed Up – June 2012 (15)

From grass roots guerrilla filmmakers to start up production companies, the film community is thriving in the North West. Join us for an evening screening in the Annexe where you can discover the wonders that are being produced on your doorstep. The evening is programmed by the toughest of all film programmers: a panel of Cornerhouse audience members.


A Short Film About Poo
Dirs Emily & Anne/GB/1 min
A musical about washing your hands.

そのとき (Sonotoki)
Dir Amanda  Belantara/GB/18 mins
Momentary glimpses reveal eternal encounters. This film captures daily life on the streets of Aomori City, bringing out the magical intimacy in seemingly ordinary moments.

Bored Games
Dir Jo Lane/GB/7 mins
A teenager attempts to escape the monotony of daily life.

I Married a Cult Figure From Salford
Dir John Crumpton/GB/5 mins
A musical video telling of the thwarted love of Cathy La Crème for punk poet John Cooper Clarke as the real JCC watches.

Dir Daniel Kenyon/GB/9 mins
9 year old Mitchell wants to be just like his hero, his older sister’s boyfriend Alex, but believes that his skin condition is holding him back.

Dir Ged Hunter/GB/9 mins
A thought provoking, twisted snapshot of a lost soul’s typical day.

Dirs Tom Harrison/GB/11 mins
A lost man reappears to deal with the crippling impact of self-doubt on his relationship.

Racing Time
Dirs Adele Myers, Ra Page/GB/3 mins
In this adaptation of a poem by Chris Woods, a 70-year-old fell runner travels across rough terrain, in extreme weather conditions, to reach his ultimate goal.

The Tea Machine
Dir John Crumpton/GB/20 mins
The price increase of the workplace vending machine sparks industrial unrest in a 1980s Manchester case making factory.

Urban Jungle
Dirs Jo Gerwirtz, Chloe Byatt, Emma Ryder, Georgia Manners/GB/16 mins
A young film crew go out in Manchester to make a documentary called Urban Jungle but events soon take an unexpected turn…