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Filmed Up Jun 2022 (15)

From grassroots guerrilla filmmakers to production companies, the film community is thriving in the North West. Join us for an evening screening where you’ll discover a selection of short films that are being produced right here on your doorstep.

The entire programme is selected by a panel of audience members from open submissions.

Programme (in alphabetical order)

  • Bald / Luke Bather / United Kingdom / 10:00
    The baldest man in the world accidentally starts a moon-worshipping cult in South Wales.
  • Black Poppies / Antonio Domingo Hall-Rodriguez / United Kingdom / 10:08
    A dying black veteran contemplates his time on the battlefields of World War One and the horrific moments that changed him forever.
  • Divination Dave / Georgia Madden / United Kingdom / 07:00
    A crisp-loving couch potato finds himself on a journey of accidental enlightenment when his favourite flavour of salty crisps runs out.
  • Drips / Danny Turner / United Kingdom / 05:09
    Experimental animation exploring the difficulties of two sixteen year olds living in their first flat.
  • Girls Night / Lorna Brierly / United Kingdom / 08:20
    An insight into the psychological fear and anxiety of a female walking home at night.
  • Hold the Sausage / Cal Freeman / UK / 05:19
    Saoirse is interrogated by her Nanny after refusing her Sunday roast sausages…
  • Horse / Dir Ethan Simmonds/ UK / 05:38
    A horse-headed man dreams of a better life.
  • Looking for Barbara / Helen Eve Kilbride / United Kingdom / 08:32
    Experimental documentary that examines queer readings of the personal archive in relation to family, identity, collective memory, place, self-curation and meaning.
  • Mausoleum / Jamie Luke Milligan / UK / 05:36
    When she sits down to dinner with her husband, a woman realises that time is running out to resolve her mistakes and regain control of her life.
  • Man or Tree / Varun Raman & Tom Hancock / UK / 04:00
    In the wilderness, a tree begins to question whether it may actually be a man tripping on hallucinogens.
  • One Rep at a Time / Che Eviénè / England / 06:50
    An elite athlete faces self doubt as she prepares for a big competition.
  • Tanked / Duncan Rudd / United Kingdom / 02:00
    A couple of amorous lobsters have their tango interrupted by a sadistic chef.
  • White Wedding / Dir Lloyd Eyre-Morgan/ UK/ 16:00
    On her wedding day, a bride reluctantly accepts a present from her homophobic grandmother in law with very surprising consequences.

Want to submit your film for the next screening?
Submission is free and we accept short films under 20 minutes in duration, of any genre, old or new made by filmmakers (director, producer or writer) based in the North West.

Deadline for submissions: mid July 2022 (exact date tbc)

Find out more and submit your film on our Filmed Up Submission Page