Filmed Up – December 2012 (18)

The last of our North West Filmmakers nights for 2012, where you can discover films produced on your doorstep, hear what the filmmakers have to say and network with a bunch of lovely people. All the films are selected by a panel of Cornerhouse audience members and you will get to vote for your favorite on the evening.

Staff Review

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Dir Richard Addlesee/GB/2 mins
A little girl takes matters into her own hands and leaves her family for what could be the last time.

Don’t Go Any Nearer
Dir David N. Pilling/GB/3 mins
Don’t Go Any Nearer
came about by a chance recollection of an image long since abandoned due to technological failings.

Dir Dan Price/GB/10 mins
A British Army veteran suffering with the psychological wounds of war struggles to adjust and survive in an increasingly lonely and hostile civilian world.

Dir Anthony Barkworth-Knight/GB/4 mins
Surreal film noir: a woman hires a private detective to help retrieve her stolen soul

Dir Jonny Pratt/GB/2 mins
Whilst waiting for her partner to come home from work, a young woman’s night is turned upside down by the arrival of an unexpected visitor.

He’s Not English Mum
Dir Francesca Ali Mirza/GB/11 mins
Two characters comment on their respective family’s reactions to their marriage; how they were accepted in one culture and rejected in another.

Ghostly Note
Dir Ed Lister/GB/4 mins
A purposefully vague and ambient video, the camera follows a little girl who was wandered way out of her own safe haven into this post-apocalyptic world where balloons have been banned – and the sinister forces out to burst it.

Dir Darren Langlands/GB/5 mins
A docu-drama-comedy about Richard Nariz, who is forced to wear a mask in public to hide the effects of a rare medical condition.

Olhos Pretos, Cabelo Azul (Black Eyes, Blue Hair)
Dir João Meirinhos/GB/13 mins
Excess. Split personality. When the other half leaves, demons tend flush back to surface…

Dir Daniel Crooke/GB/3 mins
A girl wanders the streets carrying a terrible and tragic secret.

The Others
Dir Derek Murray/GB/14 mins
Curtis Watt takes a hip, hop, skip and jump through 200 years of turbulent history and reveals how religion and race shaped the character of the city and its politics.

To The Sea Again
Dir Mark Jordon/GB/18 mins
Annie’s test results couldn’t be any worse. Her son Maurice and grandson Jack both want to do what’s best for her in the time she has left. Maurice wants to use his wealth to make her last days comfortable. Grandson Jack, with help from his friends, plans to break her out of hospital and take her to the sea again. What happens next is an emotional journey for everyone.