Filmed Up Dec 2023 (18)

HOME's quaterly showcase of short films made by writer, director or producers currently based in the North West.

From grassroots guerrilla filmmakers to production companies, the film community is thriving in the North West. Join us for an evening screening where you’ll discover a selection of short films that are being produced right here on your doorstep and chat to the filmmakers in the bar afterwards.

The entire programme is selected by a panel of audience members from open submissions.

Programme (In alphabetical order of titles)

  • Breaking bars
    Dir. Baazir Kaleelur Rahman / 2023/ United Kingdom / 00:09:30
    Documentary about regular musical events, that celebrate the life and legacy of Len Johnson, a UK midweight boxing champion and activist who was denied his title due to his racial identity.
  • Coerce
    Dir. Rory Wilson / 2023 / UK/ 00:16:28
    Isolated in an abusive relationship, a young man must decide whether to leave for his safety, or stay for the sake of his son.
  • D.I Love You
    Dir. Harry Woods / 2023 / UK/ 00:09:27
    A chronic overthinker and hopeless romantic hires his friends to help him in his “criminal” investigation into the person he likes.
  • Dancing Devils
    Dir. Pamela Simoes Gomez / 2023 / UK / 00:01:31
    Stop motion animation short. Trying to get away from strange noises in the forest, a girl stumble upon their source..
  • Dear Vladimir
    Dir. Jeremiah Quinn / 2023/ UK/ 00:06:38
    A day in the life of a Ukrainian refugee, as she narrates a letter to her least favourite world leader.
  • Home Town Down Time
    Dir. Charlie Roome / 2023/ UK/ 00:06:53
    Whislt walking off too much whisky, two friends end up discussing what they’d like to be done with their body when they die.
  • Homecoming Poetry Video
    Dir. J Chambers, Aongola Victor Simuyemba / 2023/ 00:02:20
    A poetry video exploring the feelings of returning to Jamaica as an adult, the feelings of peace and home and the necessity for carribean descendant to experience a ‘Homecoming’
  • Itch
    Dir. Susannah Farrugia / 2021 / Malta | UK / 00:08:30
    A novice nun develops a severe skin condition linked to her mental state as she struggles with her feelings for another nun.
  • Phone Calls
    Dir. Ben Senior / 2023 / UK/ 00:04:01
    An intimate glimpse into one man’s life through his phone calls.
  • Shosh
    Dir. Lee Armstrong / 2023 / England / 00:04:47
    Shosh, an accident prone, people pleaser and full-time Jew is finding the juggle of religious duties and career prospects bloody impossible.
  • The Last Cowboy in Salford
    Dir. Jakob Lancaster / 2023 / UK/ 00:14:46
    Jonny Richman is a seventeen year old Jew. He is also a cowboy, much to his parent’s frustration.
  • Tunnel of Love (Lost)
    Dir. Victor Hugo Bahman / 2023/ UK/ 00:02:59
    Reeling from a devastating break-up, Moe parks his car under a bridge, completely unaware of the danger closing in…
  • What Would Julie Do?
    Dir. Grace Alwyn Ashworth / 2022 / UK/ 00:07:27
    The pressure is on for struggling actress Alison as she prepares to go into a make or break audition following a long hiatus from the spotlight. Thankfully, she has her acting idol somewhat close-by to help her bag the role.


Some of the films contain:

  • Depiction of self harm
  • Threat and abuse in the context of domestic violence
  • Blood (in comedic settings)
  • Disturbing images
  • Street Assault

If you need more detailed information and timings relating to the trigger warnings, please don’t hesitate to contact

2 hours

Want to submit your film to Filmed Up?
Submission is free and we accept short films under 20 minutes in duration, of any genre, old or new made by filmmakers (director, producer or writer) based in the North West.

Deadlines for submissions:

Thu 29 Jun 2023 for the Sep 2023 screening

Thu 28 Sep 2023 for the Dec 2023 screening

Wed 14 Dec 2023 for the Mar 2024 screening

Find out more and submit your film on our Filmed Up Submission Page