Filmed Up Dec 2014 (18)

From grassroots guerrilla filmmakers to start-up production companies, the film community is thriving in the North West. Join us for an evening screening where you’ll discover a selection of short films that are being produced right here on your doorstep.

The entire programme is selected by a panel of Cornerhouse audience members.


A Complicated Way to Live
Dir Ged Hunter/GB/14 mins
Mr Ellis is alone and ill, now left to traverse a system that is against him he takes the only option he thinks he has.

Dirs Benjamin Archer/GB/5 mins
A lone Victorian inventor, ostracised from society and stricken with consumption, must race against time to complete his greatest invention; allowing him one fleeting respite from the darkness that is consuming him.

Dir Helen Curran/GB/14 mins
Belgium – France border, May 1940. During the British retreat to Dunkirk, two soldiers take cover in a church cellar. Trapped behind enemy lines, they must try to survive without any resources.

Going to Mecca
Dir Jason Wingard/GB/18 mins
Two half brothers go to Blackpool in search of one missing father.

Making the News
Dirs Daniele Baron and Conor O’Grady/GB/5 mins
Ed Mitchell is a former international TV journalist who filed for bankruptcy and lost everything in 2007. This film reflects on a period of life when Ed was homeless, living on Brighton’s seafront.

Nothing Lasts Forever
Dir Alex Mannion-Jones/GB & MX/9 mins
David and Gabriel were born in Juarez, Mexico but spent their entire lives growing up in Santa Ana, California. Reaching middle age they found themselves deported to a country they have no ties to nor opportunities within.

Dir Adele Myers/GB/2 mins
A women escapes from her hum drum life in to a world of creative contemplation. Based on an original poem by Gaia Holmes.

Dir Ben Mottershead/GB/4 min
When faced with an unexpected kindness from a stranger, Sam is appreciative of the offer of a hot meal and chance to bathe. Though is this offer to a homeless man all that it seems?

Self Initiated: Stanley Chow
Dir Matt Smith/GB/6 mins
Part of a series of documentaries on illustrators and artists in Manchester, this film covers the process, history and inspirations of the legendary Stanley Chow.

Dir Jenny Longworth/GB/5 mins
An experimental short film exploring the direct effect of violent clashes on the lives of a young couple as local fighting makes its way to their doorstep.

The Red String
Dir Yi He/GB/4 mins
A young girl walks along an unknown path guided by a red string. As she journeys across her surroundings and remembers her past, she becomes aware of the string that is guiding her, and intriguingly wonders where it will lead.

The Solipsism
Dir Craig McLaughlin/GB/11 mins
A film about isolation. A slow, eerie yet poetic glance into the relationship between one mans inner and outer worlds.