Filmed Up June 2015 (15)

An evening screening of short films made by North West filmmakers; the first at HOME, and the 16th in the series!

From grassroots guerrilla filmmakers to start-up production companies, the film community is thriving in the North West. Filmed Up is a great way to discover a selection of short films that are being produced right here on your doorstep.

The entire programme is selected by a panel of  audience members.


Listed in alphabetical order

A plateful of Tony / Dirs. Paul Sparkes & Paul Coppack/ GB / 13 mins
Dark ‘fly-on-the-wall’ comedy following John Douglas in search of that ‘special someone’ to share his lifelong ambition, shot and graded in a home VHS style.

Birdfall / Dir. Adele Myers / GB / 4 mins
Based on a poem by Danica Ognjenovic.Whilst on a regular night out at their local a group of women get a surprise when members of The Rooster Bike Club make a pit stop to get dry from the rain.

Blue / Dir. Geof Wolfenden / GB / 4 mins
What magical things might go on, late at night when the city is deserted, the streets empty and the night time summer sky is the deep, inky blue of the ocean?

Fall In / Dir. Toni Sherwood Pierce/ GB / 7 mins
After months of no contact Kayleigh turns up on her ex-lover’s door step, with the intention of fixing the rift between them.

Hits Like a Girl / Dir. Harry Sherriff / GB / 11 mins
Raw coming of age story that follows Kay McKenna, a 19-year-old fighter from Toxteth who has a serious anger problem and a fractious relationship with her agoraphobic mother, Kathy.

Jim Reaper / Dir. Joe Richardson / GB / 8 mins
Jim is a grim reaper, and he is very bad at his job.

Rain on Film / Dirs. Phil Drinkwater & Tim Woodall / GB / 10 mins
A cinema-obsessed young woman (Josie Long) attempts to direct her life as if it were a film.

Room 42 / Dir. David Whitney / GB / 10 mins
A prominent and successful figure conducts a secret and passionate affair, with devastating consequences for himself and those around him.

Snatchers / Dir. Drew Lovett/ GB / 10 mins
Returning to their apartment from a night out, Jeff and Danielle are confronted by young intruder in their home. Not knowing when the authorities will arrive, Jeff must decide whether to act outside of the law to protect Danielle.

Sunny / Dir. Beth Sabey / GB / 6 mins
A character profile of a young, talented Brighton-based illustrator

Testing / Dir. Paul Flannery / GB / 5 mins
Stop-motion music video for The Slow Show song ‘Testing’.

The Taxidermist / Dir. Lorenzo Ferrarini / GB / 5 mins
Boubacar Traore speaks of his work as a taxidermist in Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) and of the rituals and beliefs connected to hunting hippos, that he knows from a very personal experience.

Wash / Dir. Antony Barkworth-Knight / GB / 3 mins
Animation. Music Video for Manchester-based Jazz trio Gogo Penguin.

Young Girls / Dir. Amy Watson / GB / 3 mins
A video about friendship, suburbia , boredom and murder, made for Manchester band Pins

Want to submit your work for the next screening in September?

Deadline is Thu 30 Jul, 17:00 for the Sept screening. Submission form and FAQs can be found on our Filmed Up Page