Fifty Years of the Teenager

Recommended for AS Film, AS Media and equivalent.

Capacity: 158 places.

From REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE (1955) to BRICK (2005), the American teen-high-school movie provides a cinematic treatment of the angst of teenage life, love and alienation, whilst also reflecting the changing political and cultural contexts of the genre. This session will use a wide range of film extracts to investigate character, narrative and ideology as well as fundamental differences in cinematic form and style. The morning will be supported by notes about the chosen films and suggestions for further study. Includes a full screening of BRICK (2006). Led by Sarah Flanagan.

This session will include a full screening of the film BRICK:

BRICK (15)

Director Ryan Johnson

In English USA, 2005 – 110 min

When outsider Brendan’s ex-girlfriend is found dead, he is compelled to investigate and finds himself drawn into the dark world of suburban drug dealing. BRICK offers the  cynicism of noir as a metaphor for the isolation of adolescence. Hammett with a hall pass, the 2006 Sundancewinner for ‘Originality of Vision’ is a teen flick with a twist, relocating the generic norms of traditional film noir to a Southern California high school, even employing a forties-influenced private dick dialect all its own.