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Essential Intro to Film Studies 2011

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This accessible film studies course will enable you to break down the idea of film into its constituent parts, so that you can start to analyse how film works as a language. What is seen on screen; how and where the camera is positioned; whether the director and editor have decided to cut the film (and how they have done it); how sound and music are used: these elements all ‘make meaning’ for us. As well as displaying these ‘audio-visual’ characteristics, films have a duration – they take time to watch and they tell stories. We will think about how film narratives are shaped, and how they narrate their stories to us.

This course will equip you with the basic terms you need to talk about the effect films have on us all, and it will enhance your enjoyment of film by developing your critical awareness of them.

Download the course outline here – Essential Intro to Film Studies Course Outline 2011