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El Árbol negro + introduction

Introduced by Dr Ignacio Aguiló, University of Manchester, with BSL interpretation, on Sat 14 Mar.

The BSL interpreter will be either Alex McDonald or Siobhan Rocks.

Film details

A superbly shot and poetic documentary about Martín, an indigenous goat farmer from the Qom (or Toba) community, in a province of Argentina bordering Paraguay. His struggle for land rights and environmental security sets him in direct opposition to the agribusiness behemoths; the urgency of his fight underlined by the fatal condition tragically picking off his beloved goats one animal at a time. Impassioned assemblies and illegal roadblocks form part of the Qom’s methods, but Martín also turns to an ancient and magical solution: a pilgrimage to the elusive Black Tree, with its mythical power to break a curse.

In following his journey, the filmmakers hoped to find in this magical world view perhaps some alternative way to restore our damaged planet.

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