Designing Manchester, Past & Present

Find out how the stars of Life On Mars & 24 HOUR PARTY went back in time…

As part of Architecture Week, Cornerhouse is pleased to offer this rare opportunity to hear from two of the UK’s top production designers:
Brian Sykes (BAFTA-nominated for the first series of Life on Mars) and Mark Tildesley (24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE).

With responsibility for the overall look of a film or TV show, Production Designers work closely with directors and cinematographers to create the most appropriate visual feel for a production. Far from simply choosing sets and locations, their work starts at the story board and uses colour, light, computer generated imagery (CGI) and subtle visual referencing to landmark key events, stimulate a response from the viewer, manufacture artificial scenery and ensure consistency.

Using clips, illustrations and photos, Brian and Mark will focus on their different approaches to designing Manchester and answer questions from the audience.