De(Construction) – Developing the Creative Scene, DIY Style

Want to get stuff done? Come and find out how!

Instigate Arts presents a night of creative and artistic Do it Yourself, bringing together Manchester and Salford’s cutting edge, innovative and leftfield creatives, collaborators, collectives and spaces. Find out who’s doing what, where and how and enjoy an evening of art, performance, music, video and conversations.

Guests include

  • Superbia, who support, curate, fund and celebrate LGBT life across Greater Manchester with debate, film, comedy, literature, music, sport, theatre, family- and community-led projects – all with the aim of encouraging engagement and well-being, and to culturally enhance the community.
  • Partisan Collective, a collective and volunteer-run space for independent, community led, DIY, arts and cultural based projects, and supports social justice, refugee and migrant groups.
  • Islington Mill, the Salford-based independent arts centre, home to an ever-evolving network of artists, musicians, promoters and small businesses experimenting with and developing their practice.
  • The Penthouse, an experimental art studio and project space that built its foundations on experimentalism, DIY attitude, action and as a test bed for over 300 artists.
  • SPIRIT:level, an artistic partnership between by Mark Hoyle and Dave of Wark creating work using music, film and the spoken word.
  • IMPA TV, a collective who love nothing more than experimenting with visuals and combining obsolete and modern technology in order to broadcast and stream a plethora of weird and wonderful live music, performance and art.


There will be a brand new performance by The Penthouse in which the boundaries of the artists’ bodies and the materials of the spaces in which their practices exist will be renegotiated/De(Constructed), reflecting the ongoing cycle of creation and destruction within DIY and artist led culture. Plus an exclusive performance by SPIRIT:level (Dub Sex/Ludus and Ceramic Hobs/PLSRs), exploring the survival of the self from the industrial past to the gentrification of our city, through live spoken word and modular synth interactions with DIY film making and electronic composition.

An exhibition featuring the works of the performing artists  – as well as that of Hannah Mclennan Jones (Bollox) and more  – will accompany the talks & performances with IMPA TV live filming, editing and projecting throughout.