Course/ Women in Science Fiction

From Frau in Mond (Lang, 1929) to Barbarella (Vadim, 1968) to Annihilation (Garland, 2017), this course will explore the relationship between women and science fiction film and how they have been represented. Participants will be introduced to central ideas surrounding women’s depiction in science fiction and consider how changing attitudes towards gender (alongside race and sexuality) are mediated through this stereotypically male-dominated genre.

Led by Dr Amy C. Chambers, Senior Lecturer in Film and Media Studies at Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Beginners’ level, no prior knowledge necessary.

The course includes six sessions with the course tutor and two course screenings which will take place on Mon 11 Feb and Mon 11 Mar.

Weekly course outline

Week 1
Mon 28 Jan
Introduction to Women in Science Fiction:
Defining science fiction and women’s historical representation

Week 2
Mon 4 Feb
Where no black woman has gone before?
Race and gender in Science Fiction 

Week 3
Mon 11 Feb

Welcome II the Terrordome (Onwurah,

Week 4
18 Feb
Screening Discussion
Discussing Welcome II the Terrordome

Week 5
Mon 25 Feb
Screening women of science
The burden of representation and why representation matters.

Week 6
Mon 4 Mar
Monstrous Mothers and Alien Queens

Procreation, sex, and space.

Week 7
Mon 11 Mar
Barbarella (Vadim, 1968)

Week 8
Mon 18 Mar
Discussing Barbarella
From symbolic annihilation and sexy space sirens to putting women on and behind the screen.



  • £80 full /£60 conc.
  • Course ticket price includes entry to both course screenings