Course: Film Narrative: From Primitive to Postmodern

This course aims to explore the concept of narrative across a range of films and to discuss the development of film narrative throughout the 20th century.From the early ‘primitive’ stage when film was little more than a sideshow novelty, through its development into a feature length medium predicated predominantly upon storytelling, to more recent trends where narrative complexity and character development are eschewed in favour of spectacle, intertextuality and visceral entertainment.The course will focus mainly upon dominant i.e. Hollywood cinema but will also consider those alternative narrative strategies employed by ‘art’ cinema. The course employs various types of formal film analysis and is intended to appeal to both newcomers to media education and students of film and media. Screenings will include: CHARLIE’S ANGELS.Led by Adam Jones, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies, Warrington Collegiate Institute.Tickets: £32 full / £24 concs