Course: Bollywood Babylon

This course will offer the opportunity to reconsider the usefulness of some of the key concepts in film studies – authorship, genre, narrative, and stars – in relation to Asian popular cinema.Screenings will be used to initiate informal discussions about the applicability of the approaches utilised within film studies, usually to analyse the products of Hollywood and Europe, when looking at other popular cinemas. The central questions addressed by the course will be: how much do we have to rethink these traditional approaches when considering the popular films of less familiar national industries? And, how ‘universal’ can these critical perspectives ever claim to be? This course may be of interest to those who are interested in Asian popular film. Screenings include: AUDITION.Led by Andy Willis, University of Salford. This course is intermediate level, suitable for those with some prior knowledge/experience of film studies.Tickets: £32 full / £24 concs