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Course: Behaviour Management with Young People

This is essential training for anyone working directly with young people. Undertaking practical workshops and activities requires a broad understanding of youth culture and the issues surrounding young people’s lives. There are added pressures of working directly with young people at risk, one of which is having the skills, knowledge and experience to be able to support behaviour effectively and responsively. This course will discuss behaviour strategies, health and safety issues and risk assessment. You will also look at ways of promoting a style of engagement with young people that supports their wellbeing and individual needs, and helps them to succeed and achieve.

Ideal if you work directly with children and young people in the arts and cultural sectors.

You will gain:

  • A better understanding of behavioural issues, potential causes and the best ways to respond to them
  • Strategies to transform challenging behaviour into positive outcomes
  • Flexible and responsive approaches to use in your own work with young people
  • Share personal concerns and previous experiences in a supportive environment as you learn new ways to overcome future challenges
  • Explore the challenges and risks involved in undertaking specific artform- based projects