Club Big: Mar 3 2017

At the centre of John Hyatt: Rock Art is Club Big, a fully kitted-out pop-up music club. John Hyatt is your magical master of ceremonies, introducing the best breakthrough live music and performance every Friday from 18:00 – 21:00. Hosting bands, soloists, the supernatural and the dramatic and featuring the Club Big House Band (provided by Cacophany Arkestra), our host Anastasia, and fully licensed bar. All events are free to attend.

Our line-up for Friday Mar 03 is:



For this live, cross-disciplinary incarnation of Murmurists, multi-media artist Anthony Donovan has brought together accomplished veterans of the improv and experimental scene to perform an elaborated, theatrical interpretation of material drawn from his latest composition, ‘ithphall.brel.gory is not the same as you’. Performers improvise from graphic scores and a film element with timings prepared by Donovan, conjuring a frenetic, immersive mix of multiple spoken word and contemporary dance, with sounds drawn from across industrial, ambient, free jazz, modern classical and noise, and all with a satirical edge. On this occasion Murmurists features: Martin Archer (bass clarinet, tenor sax & voice), Rebecca Bogue (dance & voice), Mark Browne (soprano sax, percussion & voice), Lawrence Casserley (percussion, processing & voice), Annie Dee (amplified objects, megaphone & voice), Anthony Donovan (vocal, electric bass & film), THF Drenching (dictaphones, dog-toys, whistles, percussion & voice), Elvis Herod (amplified objects & voice), Geoff Leigh (flute, soprano sax & voice), Jane Munro (dance & voice) and Walt Shaw (percussion & voice).

Chaotic Friends

When the neon factory set alight the plume could be seen for miles. The police tried in vain to move the crowd on, but people refused. Instead, they congregated around the blue fire and began to talk like chaotic friends. Jim said to Al that they should form a band. Al wasn’t so keen. “I’m not sure you can play” he said. “Don’t worry about that”, replied Jim, “I know a drummer called Zoe. You’ll hardly hear me or my guitar at all. Promise”. Jim then had the same conversation (in a different place) with Zoe. He remembered to replace the words ‘Zoe’ and ‘drummer’ with ‘Al’ and ‘guitar’. The lie remained undetected. That was then. And today is today. Ladies and gentlemen, we are your Chaotic Friends. Chaotic Friends are a three-piece band from Manchester creating original music.

Najia Bagi: Move Me

Najia sings her own stories and strives to find and offer comfort in sharing the stories of others. Bagi works predominantly using her own and others’ singing voices to create stories but also utilises film, photography, installation and the gathering of people. She aims to create environments that enable us to explore our relationships with ourselves and one another. Najia Bagi has been commissioned nationally and has recently been successful in securing an Arts Council England Grants for the Arts award, which funds this project.

Move Me is a live performance installation which invites you to discover and connect with the experiences of others. Artist Najia Bagi received weekly letters for six months from participants in this long term project, connecting her to the transformation that each person was experiencing, focussing on their lives as single people. In turn these letters also gave Najia some direction in her new life. Featuring live performances by Sacred Sounds Women’s Choir, Najia Bagi and Ruby Ann Patterson. This project is funded by Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts.